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Evil Is a True Thing
Evil Is a True Thing


Car Wash
Car Wash for Ears Does the Trick


Social Networking
We Networked Socially Before It Was Cool


House of Breath
'House of Breath' Our Only Enduring History

Pair of Dice

A Pair of Dice? Paradise.

Wisdom In A Flash
Sometimes Wisdom Comes in a Flash


Who Do You Think You Are?
Who Do You Think You Are...Jesus?


Everybody's Talking
Nowadays, Everybody's Talking at Me


I Dreamed of Wireless, and Now I Am


Just Proud To Be Here
All In All, I'm Just Proud to Still Be Here


Spokespersons Making the Big Bucks for Nonsense


Mail Bag
Reaching into the (Electronic) Mail Bag


The Marshal's Gone, and You're Not Him


A Great Barber is a Treasure


Can't Win Fairly? Just Change the Rules


Winter Can Be Rough
"Winter Can Be Rough on the Feelings" -- Classic Short from March 15, 1981


Stephen Foster
Stephen Foster's Vision Still a Soothing Oasis (From "I Left My Heart in Shanghi, Alabama," 1989)

Red Motorcycle

Starts with a Bright Red Motorcycle (From "I Left My Heart in Shanghi, Alabama," 1989)

Driving Lesson

Driving Lesson Teaches Dad How It Is (From "I Left My Heart in Shanghi, Alabama," 1989)


Burnt Cats, Hot Stoves, and Concerts


Cute Girl
Are There Really 645 Ways to Look Cute?


Cleveland EatonCleveland Eaton returned to his hometown of Birmingham last fall to join UAB’s music department after spending 17 years on the road as a musician and arranger with a list of artists who form a virtual Who’s Who of jazz.

Rod Brasfield Though my cousin Rod Brasfield was a famous Grand Old Opry comedian in the 1940s, most people these days have never heard of him. But the Internet may be changing that.



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