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In Search of the Spirit Short's newest book, a portion of which first appeared in The Oxford American, is billed as “The odyssey of a 50-something spiritual seeker through Pentecostalism, faith healing, the Christian Right, Buddhism, and the notion of incarnate Evil.” Available initially worldwide as an e-book through the Kindle Select Program, In Search of the Spirit is now published in paperback. The enthusiastic early reviews include comments such as “An incredible journey; the most important thing I've read this decade,” and “It will change everyone who reads it—for the better, as true understanding often does.” Those who don't own a Kindle can download a free application from Amazon to read the book on any PC or mobile device.

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Turbo's Very Life Short's first collection of short fiction contains 17 stories, including “The Mine at Saragossa,” for which he was named by Redbook Magazine as America's Best Young Author in 1977. Until now, the stories had only appeared in magazines, but Turbo's Very Life finally brings them all between two hard covers. As the publisher's blurb says, “In this collection of his best short fiction, Carroll Dale Short shows why he is one of the foremost prose stylists of his generation. He writes here from many perspectives—male, female, first person, third person, grieving widow, newly divorced dad, jailed redneck, river man laid up with heart trouble, conjure woman—and in every story the voice is true. All in all, a rare feast for the imagination.”

Read a free story sample here.

Listen to "Pitching": A Short Story read by Carroll Dale Short

Paperback $24.95 + $3.99 S&H

The Shining Shining Path Short's first novel was described by Wally Lamb as “Simultaneously modern and mythic, this beautifully realized novel is a wild and wonderful ride.” Dennis Covington called it “a wise and compassionate book by a major Southern writer.” What happens when a Vietnam vet meets a traveling tour of Tibetan monks, a former sweetheart in a wheelchair, and a black mathematical genius? You get an indescribable mix of mysticism, romance, and slapstick comedy.

Paperback $17.00 + $3.99 S&H

A Writer's Tool Kit This book's subtitle is “Twelve Proven Ways You Can Make Your Writing Stronger – Today!” and thousands of satisfied customers from California to Finland can testify that it works. Whether you're age 90 or a teenager, whether you're writing essays or short stories or novels, it's an invaluable guide to making your writing be all that it can be.

Paperback $15.95 + $3.99 S&H

A Migration of Clowns This collection of poems and essays, with original cover art by sculptor Leah Webb, features a decade's worth of intimate one-on-one interviews with interesting Alabamians ranging from Bobby Horton to Gene Stallings.

Paperback $12.95 + $3.99 S&H

I Left My Heart in Shanghi, Alabama The 25th Anniversary Edition of Short's first book—the best of some 10 years of columns appearing in his hometown Daily Mountain Eagle—is now available.

You can read the introduction to the book here.

Paperback $15.95 + $3.99 S&H



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